Success stories

This section includes stories from people around Australia and how they have been keeping active during COVID-19. We have separated these by the different levels of fitness and function.

Those who:
  • feel unsteady turning or reaching out

  • walk slowly

  • use a walking aid

  • have medical conditions that limit activity

  • get assistance with housework and other activities such as shopping

Those who:
  • have a well-controlled medical condition

  • get puffed easily or feel a little unsteady

  • can walk down the street

  • get minimal help with daily activities

Those who:
  • regularly walk (at least 30 minutes in one session)

  • feel steady walking outside

  • may attend a gym

  • engage in activities such as gardening

This website is not intended to replace individual health professional care. 

If you have any concerns or questions about what you can safely do, you should seek professional advice from your doctor, physiotherapist, or other health professional with expertise in exercise prescription.

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