Tips for staying motivated

If you used to go out regularly you risk losing fitness, strength and balance when you stay at home more. Loss of fitness, strength and balance will make daily activities more difficult. Simple home exercises and regular walking can prevent this loss of fitness, strength and balance. Extra time at home provides an opportunity to get into good exercise habits.

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Some tips to help you keep active include:

  • Plan what exercise you will do and at what time each day.

  • Choose activities you will enjoy.

  • Tell someone about your exercise plans or write them down.

  • Try recording exercises done in a diary or calendar.

  • Start with small changes.

  • Try to increase the number of steps you take each day. You can monitor your steps with a phone app or activity monitor.

  • Focus on what you have achieved.

  • Any increase in activity is good for you; even walking around the house is better than sitting all day.

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