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Stories from people at Level 2

Below are some stories from people who are keeping active during COVID-19 by doing activities relevant to Level 2. Use the tabs to read our stories from Dennis and Gayle.


Level 2 on our website includes people who have a well-controlled medical condition, get puffed easily or feel a little unsteady, can walk down the street, and/or get minimal help with daily activities.



74 years

I had knee replacements done two and a half years ago. It was a lot having them both done at once. It was so clear that if you don’t exercise you become immobile. I can’t do that, I’ve got things to do.


I get up in the morning and stretch and move. I stay active. I go and walk around the yard. I do gardening. I can lift things I couldn’t manage before. My wife, Lynette, is 76 and has had serious problems with her health. We have two inclinators in the house but we don’t use them anymore. Lynnette goes up and down the stairs 10 times a day!


We’ve got 2 mobility scooters… we haven’t used them since Christmas. We’re so much better from keeping active.


Advice for others: Inactivity creates immobility. You’ve got to stay active. Turn the television off! You have to be active throughout the day. You’ve got to move, move, move! 


If it’s hard for you, even walking around the kitchen bench 10 times will help. If you’ve got little steps go up and down, up and down. Don’t do anything that’s going to create an injury, but you must stay mobile. If you have a partner, go out together and walk. When all these restrictions lift and things are safe again go to the shops just to walk. You don’t have to buy - go for the exercise!

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