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The resources below may be of use to help you exercise, eat well, and prevent falls. Click on the tabs below to view the different resources.

Fall prevention resources

Resources for older people and health professionals to assist in falls prevention

  • World Guidelines for Falls Prevention and Management for Older Adults: A Global Initiative
    The World Guidelines recommend community dwelling adults do balance challenging and functional exercises to reduce falls risk. The Guidelines also include an algorithm to guide decision making around falls prevention strategies including exercise.
    - People at low risk of falls can use the Safe Exercise at Home website to provide advice and examples of exercises that can reduce falls risk. 
    - People at intermediate or high risk of falls should have an individual exercise program prescribed by a physiotherapist. The Safe Exercise at Home website website can be used to supplement physiotherapist advice.


  • Stay on your feet

    Website with videos, booklets and brochures about fall prevention.

  • Falls prevention in South Australia

    Information for individuals, families and health professionals about falls prevention.


  • What to do if you fall
    Information from NHS Inform about what to do if you have a fall.
  • Stay active at home

    Short video discussing falls prevention including suitable exercises.

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