Level 3 - Advanced

Click here to download a PDF of an example Level 3 exercise program.

Level 3 exercises suit those who:

  • regularly walk (at least 30 minutes in one session)

  • feel steady walking outside

  • may attend a gym

  • engage in activities such as gardening

Even if you have been keeping active, if you have had two or more falls in the past 12 months, start at a less difficult level (Level 2 or Level 1). You should also consult your Doctor or physiotherapist to help reduce your risk of falling.

Older couple running through park

Some examples of exercises are below. Remember it's important to exercise safely. There are also tips on how hard you should work and how to stay motivated.

This website is not intended to replace individual health professional care. If you have any concerns or questions about what you can safely do, you should seek professional advice from your doctor, physiotherapist, or other health professional with expertise in exercise prescription

Level 3 exercises

Click here for an example Level 3 exercise program.


(cardiovascular exercise)

  • You can go out for daily walks (providing current COVID-19 restrictions allow this) or continue to work in the garden. Keep 1.5 metres apart from other people and don't touch seats etc. Make sure you wash your hands on returning home.

  • If you are unable to go outside, you can try climbing up and down stairs, putting on some music and walking around the house or marching on the spot (high stepping).

  • You can also use an exercise bike or treadmill. If you have not used one before, take it easy to start and take care getting on and off.

Strength and balance exercises

  • Check if your gym or exercise class has classes available on-line. You may be able to replace weights with tins of food, water bottles or milk bottles filled with sand or water, or elastic/therabands.

  • Standing up and down from a chair without using your arms.

  • Rising up onto your toes.

Links to online exercise options

You can find exercise tips and an exercise planner here. You can also read some stories about how others like you are staying active at home.

Go4Life Exercise videos 
Go4Life has sample exercise videos of various lengths (10 minutes – 60 minutes). Some videos focus on strength or fitness exercise, others have a mix of strength, balance, fitness and flexibility. If you don’t have hand weights you can use a can of food!


Clock Yourself is an app you can download with stepping, reaction time and cognitive exercises.

NHS Inform has a list of strength and balance exercise for people at Level 3. There is also a brief video to help you determine the best level of exercise to start with. Note that the ‘Telecare’ option is only available in the UK.

Exercise TOP UP Level 3 Advanced


Rik Dawson (physiotherapist and Safe Exercise at Home team member) delivers a 35 minute advanced balance and strengthening exercise program for older people who have a high level of balance and experience exercising.

Warmup starts about 2 minutes into the video and the strengthening and balance sections commences at the 11 minute mark.

Homestrong exercise tips video #3 

This is a 10 minute video with exercises you can do at home. Make sure a sturdy support (table/bench or sturdy chair) is close.