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Stories from people at Level 1

Below are some stories from people who are keeping active during COVID-19 by doing activities relevant to Level 1. Use the tabs to read our stories from Lesley, Richard and Judy.


Level 1 on our website includes people who feel unsteady turning or reaching out, walk slowly, use a walking aid, have medical conditions that limit activity, and/or get assistance with housework and other activities such as shopping.

Lesley (Keiths mum) 2574_edited.jpg


83 years

My name is Lesley and I am 83 years old. I live at home with my husband and am the primary carer for him.

I have always been active and kept busy with family activities with my large family.  Several years ago I had a flare up of severe back and leg pain that resulted in a couple of weeks in hospital, and limited me to very short distance walking inside with a wheelie frame. At that stage I worked on a home exercise program most days to help with my balance, strength and posture, which gradually helped me to walk without the frame inside, and to get back to some of the activities I enjoyed away from home with the frame. 


Over time I stopped the home exercise program, but had also commenced a weekly Pilates class with a physiotherapist which I have continued doing with my husband until the Coronavirus restrictions were put in place. I noticed quickly that without the Pilates program that my standing up and walking seemed to be deteriorating, so I have restarted some of the home exercise program I was previously doing which seems to be helping again.

I do find that the regular exercise, through the Pilates class or the home exercises or both, do help to keep me able to maintain my walking and balance to keep me doing many of the things I enjoy to do especially with family, although within the limits of my ongoing pain and walking problems.

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