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Mask up and look down

Masks reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, masks can restrict your lower peripheral vision (the things you can see without moving your head to look down). You may not be able to see the ground and your feet when you wear a mask. In addition, if you wear glasses, they may fog up when you are wearing a mask.

Anything that interferes with vision may increase your risk of falls, particularly walking outdoors.


These tips can help you stay safe while walking outdoors with a mask:

  • tilt your head to look down at the ground regularly when walking, particularly when you are walking on an uneven surface or approaching a curb or step;


  • don't rush when walking, particularly if you are walking on an uneven surface or are approaching a curb or step;

  • when going up or down a curb or step, tilt your head to look down and use a handrail if available; 

  • if wearing glasses, try the following to help prevent  glasses fogging up:
    - ensure firm fit of your mask over your nose, with glasses over the top of the fabric (if your mask has a wire, mould it over your nose; or use tape designed to be used on skin to hold down the top of your mask);
    - place a small piece of folded paper towel or tissue on the bridge of your nose between the mask and your face to help absorb moisture;
    - clean glasses with a small amount of dishwashing liquid;


  • use single lens glasses (in preference to bifocal or multifocal glasses) for walking outside if you have them.

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